Hi World!

How are you all?

I am doing good and very well aware that It’s been a very long time since my last blog post. But In between all the struggles I have been doing from the last three months, One thing I know for sure now that I can do anything but can’t sacrifice a passion which gives me chills in my bones over anything in the world.
So, here I am, getting over every timezone limits and with a determination that yeah…This time unstoppable!

So, leaving those motivational talks for some other time. Coming to the point now. Today, came early to the office, completed my work and started penning down everything that was just reiterating my mind from so long.

If you guys follow me on Instagram, You would be very well aware that how much I am into street trends.

2019 started with a bang of trends on the runway. And trends for the streets have been literally blasted from a canon. From florals to color blocks, from blazers to Statement coats, spots, stripes, snakes, polka dots, bright colors, minis, feathers
everything you’re wearing right now might fit in one of 2019’s trends.
Here are my personal favorite six picks straight out of my Instagram which definitely fits the bills of 2019’s summer. And, is forever on rage.
So, Just to celebrate the arrival of my favorites, Let’s Go.

Look 1: Nothing sizzles more than a bodycon on streets.


Bodycon is a trend closely fitted to your bodies. A personal favorite of all fashionistas in the town. If asking for the best bodycon, I would definitely suggest forever 21 to go for.
Spruce up your favorite bodycon, layer it up with your denim jacket, Slip into your favorite sneakers, and you are all ready to walk bold street.
I styled this very sexy black and olive bodycon dress from forever21, the denim jacket gives a peek-a-boo to the dress making it look fun and quirky. The whole look is so easy and so me. plus the fact that it’s bodycon embraces every expression. 

Look 2: Jumpsuits or the fashion heaven of the moment.


I have read somewhere that Jumpsuits symbolizes freedom, experimentation, and fun. Since a very long time, they are at the forefront of fashion.
An easy-to-wear and such a treat to the eyes. And what if you get a masterpiece which diminishes the charm of every outfit in your wardrobe.
Here is the masterpiece I got from dress berry while scrolling randomly through the shopping apps on my phone. One of my favorite pick from the last two seasons.
It just looks so still and smart and that without putting much effort. The light sky blue color is so intricating and versatile and looks absolutely stunning with every skin tone. An older style back in fashion expressing a new lease of life.

Look 3: Jazz it up with military prints and Rule.

image_6483441 (5)

A trend where there is no escape. Military prints add a lot of jazz to your summer wardrobe. A trend not only limited to cargos and accessories but now we have military print dresses to footwear, bags to scarfs everything to beat the heat. I am wearing this very sassy olive and green military print bodycon skirt from forever 21.
Paired it up with black crop top, and added a pair of black boots. This go-to military look just tunes up your body language and personality. I personally feel like ruling
whenever I am up with the military.

Look 4: Straight and Flare, a timeless Street affair.

IMG_5712 (2)

Fashion has no holds barred. It is boundless. Sometimes you are a 90’s mod obsessed babe and sometimes you are a 25th-century dream.
Those high waisted, contemporary, plaid flared trousers, a trend you must have seen in old Bollywood movies are just a classic statement back in fashion.
A trend that needs no sidekick. In the early ’90s, It was such a hit and It’s back unprecedented. Wearing those green serene forever 21 trousers with one-of-a-kind off-white striped crop top which adds up such a contemporary, bold and fresh element to the whole look. Battled the whole look with wine and shine lip shades from Sugar cosmetics. Isn’t this look oozing some kind of 90’s diva vibe?

Look 5: Colorblock or Florals, summer always embraces’em up.


Color blocking is a fashion statement which makes use of a bright and bold combination of a block of two to three solid colors.
And florals are the print you all must be aware of. Popped out the combination of bright yellow and royal blue with mango this summer altogether imitating all floral vibe. A simple yet dedicated look, sleek-chic and an ideal summer pick. Mango has some really fadish statements in their stores right now to slay the summer.
The whole formula is to play simple and elegant with a bright pop of colors while giving some floral kicks sidewise. Florals are eternal and this season, Cheers to the colors!

Look 6: Denim on denim, a tricky but classy beast!


Denim has always been an earmarked trend boundless of any timezone. They can be worn on any occasion and can never fade away.
No seasonal wardrobe can ever be updated without a denim refresh.
You can do so much with denim and each season there are a few new standouts on denim that just gets extra attention.
One such denim trend I am here with is denim on denim combination. This trend-savvy combination has exploded our society from years.
Wearing a friend’s L-size denim shirt with a similar color coordinated jeans.
That combination was very unplanned but you can never underestimate a denim
so, the whole look came out very toned.

To show what style you came up with this summer, Do tag me on Instagram with the tag #toduskindior to share your look. And get a chance to be in the top of giveaways coming
your way.

Until next time, love

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