Hello World! How you all have been? Well, I am trying very hard to dial down my excitement coz I have been actually waiting for this day for the longest.So, here I am with my first blog post and that on my personal website. I will try my best to make it worth your while. Since this is my first attempt at blogging, I would love to know your feedback and suggestions.

Just a few days ago, Sitting beside the window, beautiful weather of Pune, laptop in my lap, a cup of coffee in hand, an old music in the head, thinking what topic could be the best for my first blog post. And the situation was like repeating itself the thousandth time. Fashion has no holds barred. It is boundless. Sometimes you are a 90’s mod obsessed babe and sometimes you are a 25th-century dream. Above all, Fashion is a combination of nuts you wear plus your confidence. As I was scrolling down my myntra app, I saw those green serene pants calling out to me. My personal favorite style has always been the street. And what I like the most about the street that you can just mix up anything, be like a mess and carry with confidence, that comes out to be something brunch and unprecedented. And When it’s street then high waisted, contemporary, plaid flared trousers adds up such a classic statement.

Remember guys, watching old movies with your parents as a kid and the steals where heroines (if rich and stylish) were wearing high waist pants with the flared ends, polka dot tops, open styled hair, the big sunglasses and showing tantrums to their boyfriends(Thank God, everything is still alive ;)) All those styles of the ’70s and ’90s are back and they are at the forefront of fashion today.

I wore those high waists flared green checked pair of forever 21 trousers and combined it with forever 21 one-of-a-kind off-white striped crop top which adds up such a contemporary, bold and fresh element to the whole look. Battled the combination with the sugar wine and shine lip shade which is such a treat to the eyes. I simply tied my hair in a high bun which is my usual go-to-go hairstyle and it actually never disappoints. The best part about these pants is that they fit so comfortably and clean around your waist without making any kind of weird wrinkle and looks like a dream. They have belt holes in case you want to style any. They are classic tight on thighs and very elegantly flared downsides. Being highwaist and long in length additionally makes you look so tall and adds a statement which needs no sidekick. Now, All you need is the attitude and confidence and Heyyy, You look like a Diva.

And, You guys know what is the best part? Forever 21 has some really good discounts and winter sales going on right now. So, Head to your favourite stores nearby or roll into their online sites and grab those beautiful pieces you have been wishlisted from the long time right now right away! Let’s shop!

Until next time, Love



Outfit Details:
Top: Forever 21
Trousers: Forever 21  .
Lip shades: Sugar(Wine and Shine)

Photographed by: Gaus Shaikh

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